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3 Things That Could Go Wrong at a Wedding

Weddings are always packed with drama, so it’s safe to say you’re going to have your fair share of this on your big day. There are a hundred guests, a dozen responsibilities, and nerve-wracking anxiety – some things are bound to go wrong at the wedding. Whether you you’re your something blue, an uncle gets embarrassingly drunk, or unforeseen weather conditions at a destination wedding. The possibilities of things getting messed up are unlimited.

Now you can sit around and worry about everything that could go wrong, or you could think rationally and come up with possible solutions for possible problems that may arise on your wedding day.

To help calm your nerves and keep you prepared, we put together a list of things that could go wrong at a large wedding. Let’s explore each of them, together!

Food and Beverages

One of the many things that could go wrong at a wedding includes food and beverages not reaching the right time. Even though chances are slim, there’s still a possibility that your caterers are late.

We can almost imagine your panic-struck faces just at the thought of this catastrophe breaking down – but don’t worry, here’s what you can do. You can talk to your caterers and give them a reporting time earlier than the actual event – this gives them plenty of time to set up, and more importantly get there on time!

Someone Falls Ill

A woman sneezing into tissue in her hand.

Weddings are not for the weak – by now, everyone knows this. If you’ve arranged a quiet intimate event, then every single person at the wedding has a part to play. All hell will break loose if you find out one of your friends or family has fallen sick at the wedding venue. You may be worried about who will fill their place and whether or not they are contagious or not.

With the pandemic still a concern, having a sick person around at the wedding can be extremely dangerous for you, your partner, and every single guest. Here’s how you can prevent maximum damage: you can book a location near to a local clinic or hospital. Some people even like to take their family doctor’s along, just to be safe!

Unforeseen Weather

You can plan, plan, and plan – but when Mother Nature decides to disrupt your day, there’s only so much you can do. It’s important to check weather reports and forecasts before setting a date and opting for an open-air venue, but always remember that some weather forecasts can be unpredictable.

A thunderstorm can form any minute, and turn over all your planning in one swift motion. Don’t forget to opt for a location that has both an indoor and outdoor setting, in case you need to take shelter!

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