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3 Underwater Wedding Photography Poses to Try

Every day couples get married, but the wedding trends keep changing at the same speed. Whether it’s viral TikTok wedding trends or wedding photography trends, there’s always something new in store for the soon-to-be-married couples. However, there’s one trend that has been making waves globally—the underwater photography trend. Although it’s nothing new, this trend is gaining traction for its breathtaking appeal.

If you’re ready to jump on this trend and hire a wedding photography service, then make sure you try these poses.

The Underwater “I Do” Pose

Every couple needs to say the two-word phrase to get married—”I do.”

You might have seen couples say “I do” at the alter but have you ever seen it underwater? Well, probably not! But you can try it out! As shown in this shot by none other than our professionals at Sarani Weddings Studio, the underwater “I do” pose is when the bride is holding her bouquet, just like at the altar, and kisses her groom. If you’re ready for your underwater wedding photoshoot, do give this pose a shot.

The Classic Underwater Kiss

The Classic Underwater Kiss

Whether it’s an underwater wedding photoshoot or a beach wedding photoshoot, a romantic kissing shot of the newlyweds is a must! EXperience the romance underwater with your partner through this classic underwater kiss. In the shot above, the groom is sitting on the ocean bed, kissing his bride while the bride looks flawless with her dress flowing through the water. This pose is truly one of the most famous and breathtaking underwater poses.

The “Meet Me Halfway” Underwater Pose

The Meet Me Halfway Underwater Pose

Are you looking for a dramatic pose for your underwater wedding shoot? Say no more! We’ve found the perfect pose for you. The “meet me halfway pose,’ brings a dramatic yet romantic edge to your underwater photographs. Unlike the other poses, the bride and groom are floating away from each other, but they’re still holding hands.

This pose holds a deep meaning and is a true depiction of what marriages and love can be like; the troubles of love and marriage might pull you apart, but even a slight connection will keep the ship from sinking. Make sure you do a little rendition of your own!

Reach Out to Our Wedding Photographers in Cancun

Reach Out to Our Wedding Photographers in Cancun

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