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4 Ways to Practice Smiling For Your Wedding Photographs

The pressure of smiling and looking pretty on your wedding day can get to you—and doing the same on your wedding day can be challenging. Think about it; you’ll be posing for hundreds of pictures and would need to look the best in all. So how do you flash a beautiful smile every time?

Our expert wedding photographers have shared some tips to help you rock that beautiful smile of yours in your wedding photos.

Tilt Your Head and Smile

You’ll be surprised to learn that most people don’t have perfect facial symmetry. Facial asymmetry can sometimes prevent you from flaunting your gorgeous smile.

A simple way to remedy that is by tilting your head to the side and then smiling. When you’re looking directly into the camera and smiling, your wedding photos might not turn out that brilliant. However, it looks flawless when you tilt your head or change the angle.

To understand what angle suits you, practice in front of the mirror and with your camera. Shift your head in different angles while smiling, and try determining what angle suits you the best. Once you’ve found a good one, keep practicing it.

Part Your Lips Slightly While Smiling

We understand this may sound confusing, but this can actually help. Wedding photos look best when couples are relaxed and happy, but, of course, the pressure to look good can make your smile look forced.

An easy tip to fix this is by parting your lips slightly while smiling. Remember, don’t part them too much, just a little. This can make your smile seem casual and natural. Pull out your phone camera and smile with your lips together, and then with them apart. You’ll instantly notice the difference.

Wear the Right Makeup

Since you’ll probably be wearing makeup on your wedding day, you could make the most of it by using lipstick shades that complement your complexion.

For instance, certain shades like pink hues can brighten your smile, eventually making your smile look prettier. Another thing you can do is use creamy and glossy lipsticks. Such lipsticks can reflect light, enhancing your smile and making your lips look plumper. So, before your wedding day, do play around with makeup to accentuate your smile.

Keep Practicing

Much like every other thing, practice can improve your smile and ensure you smile your best on your big day. Just spend a few minutes every day in front of your mirror and smile. Try different poses to see which complements your smile the most.

Once you find that perfect smile, click a picture and continue practicing it until your big day.

Making you look good also depends the photographer you choose and how comfortable you are with them. Our Cancun wedding photographer will help you look flawless in your wedding day photos.

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