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4 Wedding Photography Myths Debunked

Your wedding is the single most glamorous day of your life. You want everything to go perfectly and capture the joy forever with videos and photographs.

At Sarani Weddings, we’re a team of professional photographers in Cancun with a shared passion for weddings. We try to capture not just the light but also the emotional tone of your best moments with it. We want our photographs to take you back to your wedding day every time to take a glance at them.

We come across common wedding photography myths all the time. Here, we shed some light on the most common ones, so you don’t fall victim to them. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Myth# 1: A Good Camera Is All It Takes

You do need a good camera for professional photography. A camera with a powerful sensor and a big lens will capture more light, giving your photos more details. However, skill and experience are of far greater importance. A professional wedding photographer can take amazing photos even with an iPhone. Powerful cameras give more tools at their disposal. The magic is still in the hands of the photographer.

Myth# 2: Any Photographer Can Take Good Wedding Photographs

The basic principles of photography are the same for all the different photography styles. Still, a nature or fashion photographer can never capture pictures and videos for your wedding or a wedding photographer. Professionals know this. Even if you reach out to a well-known fashion photographer for your wedding, they’ll probably refuse the offer.

If you ever considered hiring that hobbyist friend who likes to take pictures of birds for her Instagram, don’t. Hire a professional photographer with experience handling weddings.

Myth# 3: Wedding Style Doesn’t Matter 

A reputable local photographer is a good choice if you’re going for a common wedding style in your city. However, if you’re going for some other style, you need a photographer experienced in that wedding style. For instance, our Indian wedding photography professionals are experienced in Indian weddings and know how these ceremonies go. Picture2

Myth# 4: All Wedding Photographs Have To Look The Same

Wedding photography is about capturing the unique moments of your wedding. A professional photographer can find creative ways to capture the happy couple in different poses and backgrounds. Wedding photographs don’t have to look monotonous at all. Check out our gallery to see some fantastic original pictures by our talented professionals.

Hire a Wedding Photographer in Cancun

We understand how exhausting planning your wedding can be. With Sarani Weddings, we offer photographers in Cancun who love and have experience in wedding photography. You can enjoy your wedding day to your fullest, assured that your photos and videos will come out just as you dreamed. We also have professionals experienced in Indian wedding photography.

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