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5 Expert-Recommended Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Are you and your partner travel enthusiasts and can’t wait to plan your destination wedding? Well, it’s not hard to see why you’re considering a destination wedding—it gives you an opportunity to experience a new culture and explore a new destination with the love of your life.

To help you nail your wedding destination planning, some of our expert wedding photographers have shared their tips.

Pick the Right Destination

One of the first tips our experts have to give to couples is to choose the right location. We’ve shot countless weddings and seen many couples choose the wrong location. Your wedding location can ultimately affect the rest of your planning.

Therefore, be mindful of your choice; before choosing any location, consider the weather, language, and other factors. In addition, visit the destination beforehand to learn about any common problems that most couples experience there and come up with a solution.

Make Practical Travel Plans

If you’re having a destination wedding, it’s obvious that your family and other guests will travel to your designated destination. So, it’s essential to make practical travel plans for your guests. In simpler words, try making your destination wedding easy to attend for your guests. Of course, your guests will be paying for their travel, but you can do some research and help them out with travel packages, accommodation deals, suggestions, etc.

Remember, for some guests, making it to your wedding can be expensive, so give them enough time to prepare. Moreover, send your ‘save-the-date’ cards and additional information at least 6 months before the wedding.

Consider Marriage Regulations

Most couples planning a destination wedding forget about a crucial factor—marriage regulations. Since you’re going to another state or a country for your wedding, you need to keep marriage regulations in mind because they can vary from country to country.

Our experts recommend sorting this issue while planning your wedding. As soon as couples settle on a location for their destination wedding, they should check the marriage regulations of that particular location and ensure that they meet them.

Work With an Experienced Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is hands down the most critical aspect of your wedding planning. Most couples consider traveling with a wedding photographer to shoot their weddings. As convenient as this may be, it might not be the right move.

Since you’re getting hitched in a new place, it’s always best to hire a local photographer. Local wedding photographers know the location, culture, etc., like the back of their hand. As a result, they can capture the true essence of the destination in your wedding photography.

Don’t Forget to Savor the Moment!

Planning a destination wedding can be exhausting, but don’t forget to look at the big picture. Brides and grooms, remember, you’re planning your big day, so cherish it. Amid all this planning hustle, it’s easy to forget that but try to see beyond the stress.

Our experts always recommend that couples savor every moment, from the wedding planning process to the special moments spent with each other.

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