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First Look Photos: Should You Say Yes to Them?

a first-look shot by leading Cancun wedding photographers

Although first-look wedding photographs aren’t the latest trend, they’re still making waves. Whether you’re scrolling Instagram or checking out your Cancun wedding photographer‘s website, you’ll come across plenty of first-look shots.

As your big day approaches, you’re probably wondering if you should get first-look wedding shots or wait for the big reveal once you walk down the aisle. To help you out, we’ve listed the pros and cons of each.

The Pros of First Look Wedding Photos

First Look Wedding Photos Capture an Intimate Moment

Do you remember the first time you met your partner? Your first date? The first kiss? We’re sure you remember every first with them but wouldn’t it be priceless if you could capture those firsts? Although you can’t go back in time and do that, you can capture all your firsts on your big day.

When you and your partner see each other in your wedding outfits for the first time, it will be nothing like you’ve ever felt before. Don’t miss that moment, and capture it;  this is a shot you’ll want to see over and over again. That’s the advantage of first-look wedding photographs; you can photograph an intimate moment with your partner on your big day.

You Can Have Plenty of Photos before the Ceremony

Are you worried about not getting enough pictures on your wedding day? Well, we know just what you need—a couple of first-look wedding photos. Since first-look wedding photos are shot before the ceremony begins, you get a chance to do a quick photoshoot.

The best part is you’ll be able to have photographs where you look flawless. So, there’s no harm in getting a few shots before that.

It Gives You a Few Intimate Moments with Your Partner

a first-look shot by leading Cancun wedding photographers

Most couples skip the first look photos thinking it will delay the ceremony, but it’s far from the truth. These photos allow couples to share a few intimate moments before the ceremony. These moments can be emotional, plus they can help with wedding jitters.

So, if you’re feeling a little nervous, these first shots will remind you that it’s the beginning of a beautiful life with your partner.


Your first-look photo shots may not turn out as expected. For instance, you may be disappointed if your wedding photographer isn’t good with such shots. The main reason this might happen is due to lighting. Since first looks need to be spontaneous and instantaneous, capturing the shot in the right lighting is crucial.

However, if you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer specialising in first-look shots, capturing the beauty of these moments will be a breeze.

Are you looking for skilled Cancun wedding photographers to capture your ‘wedding day firsts’ perfectly? We can help you.


At Sarani Weddings Studio, our brilliant team of experienced Cancun wedding photographers and videographers can effortlessly capture your photographs.

Visit our gallery or reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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Top Wedding Photography Trends in 2022

Are you looking for the latest trends while planning your wedding in 2022? Stay on top of these wedding photography trends.

After two years of recurring lockdowns, couples are ready to say “I do” to the love of their lives. However, a lot has changed in these two years, and wedding photography trends aren’t the same anymore.

Luckily, we managed to put together some of the hottest wedding photography trends in 2022 to help you out—have a look!

Candid Reception Shots

This year, couples and families plan to go all out and make the most of every moment. So, there’s no way you can miss that, right? Well, this year’s wedding photography trends are leaning toward candid shots of your wedding reception. Whether it’s sharing a few giggles with your bridal party or you’re shaking a leg with your family, candid photos are the perfect way to capture every moment.

Soft Lighting 

In 2022, wedding photography trends are favoring soft lighting. That’s why couples have started opting for day receptions— to make the most of the natural light.

On that note, most wedding photographers in 2022 are making the most of gorgeous golden hour moments, featuring the newlyweds posing while the sun sets.

The Hollywood-Inspired Flash Photography

Although natural light offers exceptional wedding photography, evening photography is also prevalent. Hollywood-inspired flash photography is making waves. Wedding photographers use flash to capture wedding moments to emphasize the glamour and lively atmosphere.

Father-Daughter First Looks

First-look shots have been trending in wedding photography for quite some time now. However, this year, there’s been a slight change. Instead of the OG first look shot of the bride walking down the aisle, the father-daughter first look has been making waves.

From the first time a father sees his daughter in her wedding dress to the father-daughter dance, these moments are extremely precious. So, don’t forget to capture this one at your wedding.

Professional Wedding Photography for Every Wedding Event

Previously, couples were only interested in capturing their wedding event or maybe the proposals, but that’s not the case anymore. The current trends are about professionally capturing every wedding event. Whether you’re having your rehearsal dinner or bachelorette/ bachelor party, people are now interested in capturing every event leading to your big day.

Oh, but that doesn’t end here! Couples are also photographing their honeymoon adventures. This is common for couples having a destination wedding since they’re likely to continue their honeymoon after their wedding day.

Let the Best Photographers In Cancun Capture Your Wedding!

Are you ready to follow the hottest wedding photography trends? Make sure you hire only the best photographers in Cancun for your wedding.

a stunning picture by the best photographers in Cancun


At Sarani Weddings Studio, we take pride in offering gorgeous Hilton Cancun wedding photography and videography to capture every moment in your wedding with perfection.

Check out our gallery for some sample photographs. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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4 Ways to Practice Smiling For Your Wedding Photographs

A bride smiling beautifullycaptured by wedding photographers in Cancun, Sarani Weddings Studio

The pressure of smiling and looking pretty on your wedding day can get to you—and doing the same on your wedding day can be challenging. Think about it; you’ll be posing for hundreds of pictures and would need to look the best in all. So how do you flash a beautiful smile every time?

Our expert wedding photographers have shared some tips to help you rock that beautiful smile of yours in your wedding photos.

Tilt Your Head and Smile

You’ll be surprised to learn that most people don’t have perfect facial symmetry. Facial asymmetry can sometimes prevent you from flaunting your gorgeous smile.

A simple way to remedy that is by tilting your head to the side and then smiling. When you’re looking directly into the camera and smiling, your wedding photos might not turn out that brilliant. However, it looks flawless when you tilt your head or change the angle.

To understand what angle suits you, practice in front of the mirror and with your camera. Shift your head in different angles while smiling, and try determining what angle suits you the best. Once you’ve found a good one, keep practicing it.

Part Your Lips Slightly While Smiling

We understand this may sound confusing, but this can actually help. Wedding photos look best when couples are relaxed and happy, but, of course, the pressure to look good can make your smile look forced.

An easy tip to fix this is by parting your lips slightly while smiling. Remember, don’t part them too much, just a little. This can make your smile seem casual and natural. Pull out your phone camera and smile with your lips together, and then with them apart. You’ll instantly notice the difference.

Wear the Right Makeup

Since you’ll probably be wearing makeup on your wedding day, you could make the most of it by using lipstick shades that complement your complexion.

For instance, certain shades like pink hues can brighten your smile, eventually making your smile look prettier. Another thing you can do is use creamy and glossy lipsticks. Such lipsticks can reflect light, enhancing your smile and making your lips look plumper. So, before your wedding day, do play around with makeup to accentuate your smile.

Keep Practicing

Much like every other thing, practice can improve your smile and ensure you smile your best on your big day. Just spend a few minutes every day in front of your mirror and smile. Try different poses to see which complements your smile the most.

Once you find that perfect smile, click a picture and continue practicing it until your big day.

Making you look good also depends the photographer you choose and how comfortable you are with them. Our Cancun wedding photographer will help you look flawless in your wedding day photos.

a stunning picture by the best photographers in Cancun

At Sarani Weddings Studio, our Cancun wedding photography and videography team will shoot your wedding brilliantly and capture your best poses.

Check out our gallery to pick your favorite poses and contact us to hire us.


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5 Expert-Recommended Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

A breathtaking wedding shot by wedding photographers in Cancun, Sarani Weddings Studio

Are you and your partner travel enthusiasts and can’t wait to plan your destination wedding? Well, it’s not hard to see why you’re considering a destination wedding—it gives you an opportunity to experience a new culture and explore a new destination with the love of your life.

To help you nail your wedding destination planning, some of our expert wedding photographers have shared their tips.

Pick the Right Destination

One of the first tips our experts have to give to couples is to choose the right location. We’ve shot countless weddings and seen many couples choose the wrong location. Your wedding location can ultimately affect the rest of your planning.

Therefore, be mindful of your choice; before choosing any location, consider the weather, language, and other factors. In addition, visit the destination beforehand to learn about any common problems that most couples experience there and come up with a solution.

Make Practical Travel Plans

If you’re having a destination wedding, it’s obvious that your family and other guests will travel to your designated destination. So, it’s essential to make practical travel plans for your guests. In simpler words, try making your destination wedding easy to attend for your guests. Of course, your guests will be paying for their travel, but you can do some research and help them out with travel packages, accommodation deals, suggestions, etc.

Remember, for some guests, making it to your wedding can be expensive, so give them enough time to prepare. Moreover, send your ‘save-the-date’ cards and additional information at least 6 months before the wedding.

Consider Marriage Regulations

Most couples planning a destination wedding forget about a crucial factor—marriage regulations. Since you’re going to another state or a country for your wedding, you need to keep marriage regulations in mind because they can vary from country to country.

Our experts recommend sorting this issue while planning your wedding. As soon as couples settle on a location for their destination wedding, they should check the marriage regulations of that particular location and ensure that they meet them.

Work With an Experienced Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is hands down the most critical aspect of your wedding planning. Most couples consider traveling with a wedding photographer to shoot their weddings. As convenient as this may be, it might not be the right move.

Since you’re getting hitched in a new place, it’s always best to hire a local photographer. Local wedding photographers know the location, culture, etc., like the back of their hand. As a result, they can capture the true essence of the destination in your wedding photography.

Don’t Forget to Savor the Moment!

Planning a destination wedding can be exhausting, but don’t forget to look at the big picture. Brides and grooms, remember, you’re planning your big day, so cherish it. Amid all this planning hustle, it’s easy to forget that but try to see beyond the stress.

Our experts always recommend that couples savor every moment, from the wedding planning process to the special moments spent with each other.

Are you wondering how to find the best photographers in Cancun for your destination wedding? Let our expert wedding photographer at Sarani Weddings Studio help you.

a stunning picture by the best photographers in Cancun

At Sarani Weddings Studio, we offer extraordinary Cancun wedding photography and videography to ensure every couple has a wedding album that showcases their love flawlessly.

Head over to our gallery to check our team’s exceptional photography skills.

Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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3 Underwater Wedding Photography Poses to Try

3 Underwater Wedding Photography Poses to Try

Every day couples get married, but the wedding trends keep changing at the same speed. Whether it’s viral TikTok wedding trends or wedding photography trends, there’s always something new in store for the soon-to-be-married couples. However, there’s one trend that has been making waves globally—the underwater photography trend. Although it’s nothing new, this trend is gaining traction for its breathtaking appeal.Continue reading

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Wedding Photography Gone Wrong: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Photography Gone Wrong

Weddings are one of the most treasured moments in everyone’s lives, which is why, we try to ensure everything turns out perfect. From the venue to the photography, everything needs to meet our expectations. But amongst all the other aspects of your wedding planning, getting wedding photography right is crucial. After all, it’s the wedding photos that will make your big day memorable for the rest of your lives.Continue reading

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Most Magical Locations for Unforgettable Wedding Pictures

bride groom sunset beach

Your wedding day is one of the most vital moments in your life, and you’ll want to capture those moments to cherish them forever. While the entire wedding will have some priceless moments to capture, couples also have an exclusive wedding photoshoot at special locations.

If you need some location ideas for your wedding photography, you’re in the right place! Our professionals have put together some of the most magical wedding photography locations.Continue reading

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The Best Indian Wedding Photography Trends

bride groom wedding Indian ceremony

Are you planning a big fat Indian wedding? Are you getting a little overwhelmed by the ongoing wedding photography trends? Well, don’t be! This is your call to jump on this bandwagon.

At Sarani Weddings Studio, we want all our clients to have the wedding of their dreams, which is why we’ve compiled some of the best Indian photography wedding trends for you.

Color Me


Indian weddings are rich in color and culture, making them incredibly unique. A top Indian wedding photography trend is capturing every hue and shade flawlessly. Every color in your wedding symbolizes an element of your big day, reflecting nothing but happiness. To capture this impeccably, there’s been a rapid spike in flash photography practices that amp up the colors vividly.

Camera presets can be used for wedding photographs in the same way filters are used on Instagram photos to enhance colors. Work with your photographer to see what kind of preset options they offer. You could also toss in some of your ideas from photographs you’ve seen online.

The Future is Drone

Drone photography is one of the latest wedding photography trends but has gained rapid popularity, especially in Indian weddings. Indian weddings are known for their extravagance; they go all out, which means there’s going to be a huge crowd. In such circumstances, capturing every moment can get challenging.

That’s where a drone comes in! By including drone photography in your wedding, you’ll ensure all your family, friends, and other loved ones are part of your wedding photographs. This way, you won’t have to stress about your photographs not having all your dear ones. In addition, this photography trend is perfect to capture the essence of true Indian weddings.

Capture the Lovely Moments


This is one Indian photography trend that will never go out of style. Whether you’re having a big fat wedding or an intimate one, the right photography service will capture the unconditional love you and your partner share.

When ticking off some of the hottest wedding photography trends, don’t forget to give this one a shot. Whether you’re holding hands or wrapped in an intimate embrace, your photographer will capture the love you two share.

Say Yes to a Perfect Wedding with Our Indian wedding photography in Cancun!

Have you always dreamt of having the perfect Indian wedding? Then let our experts at Sarani Weddings Studio help you stay on top of the Indian wedding photography trends!

Sarani Weddings Studio is a well-known Cancun photography and cinematography team. Our team has captured numerous Indian weddings and can capture yours flawless!

Explore our wedding gallery to get a quick insight into our photography, or contact us!


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