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How to Hire the Right Wedding Photographer

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You’ve got everything right for your wedding, and you’re all set for the big day but what about a wedding photographer? Wedding photography is a crucial part of your wedding and ensures your day is an unforgettable one; one that’s cherished forever.Continue reading

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Top Destination Wedding Locations for a Magical Wedding

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Have you always dreamt of having a destination wedding? Well, this dream can now come true. The key to having the perfect destination wedding is the perfect destination. However, finding locations with breathtaking sights can become challenging.

Therefore, our destination wedding photographers have compiled the top wedding destinations.Continue reading

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How Can You Pick Out the Perfect Destination for Your Wedding Shoot?

An arch created for a beachside wedding ceremony.

Destination weddings are all the craze this season! However, if you do want to get married in a local church, you can at least opt for a destination wedding shoot. There’s a lot that goes into deciding the perfect location for your wedding photography – after all, we want nothing but the best pictures from one of the best days of our lives, right?Continue reading

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Why Choose a Big Destination Wedding?

A beautiful wedding ceremony under the open sky.

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, which is why you want everything done to perfection. Whether it is getting the right flowers, wearing the perfect white dress, or having all the arrangements done properly; everything has to go right. Most couples worry themselves sick until every detail is perfectly in place; while others treat their wedding as a huge vacation.Continue reading

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3 Things That Could Go Wrong at a Wedding

A married couple surrounded holding each other in a meadow.

Weddings are always packed with drama, so it’s safe to say you’re going to have your fair share of this on your big day. There are a hundred guests, a dozen responsibilities, and nerve-wracking anxiety – some things are bound to go wrong at the wedding. Whether you you’re your something blue, an uncle gets embarrassingly drunk, or unforeseen weather conditions at a destination wedding. The possibilities of things getting messed up are unlimited.Continue reading

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4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day More Memorable

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Ultimately, your big day is about celebrating the love between you and your partner, whether you want a big fat wedding or a quiet event. So, naturally, you’d want to make your wedding one of the most memorable days of your life.

This is why, it’s vital you throw a wedding you can look back on fondly in the future. That’s why you should read this blog post, whether you have been planning for months or just got engaged yesterday!

Here’s how wedding photographers can capture the best highlights of your big day!

Select a Memorable Venue

Traditionally, most wedding receptions happen at churches or hotels. But why not do something different? After all, you can have your wedding reception at a museum or a even at the beach. But if you still want something that makes your dreams of a fairy-tale wedding come true, opt for a destination wedding!

Destination weddings are the perfect way to do something unique yet traditional. It’s also great for bringing family together and enjoying different locations. But if that’s not enough of a reason, imagine all the amazing photographs you’ll get!

Play Wedding Games

Not all your guests want to dance all night, and sometimes it can even get boring. This is why, it’s vital you don’t rely entirely on the DJ. In fact, adding an interactive game can make your wedding day much more memorable. That’s because it’s an amazing way to bond with your guests and share heartfelt moments!

Splash In Some Color

Every bride wants their wedding gown to be memorable. The traditional white wedding dresses are stunning, but not everyone is a fan of white. Besides, most brides wear white, so your guests might not be able to remember your dress. Then why not say “I do” in a vibrant dress!

Leave an impression on your guests by selecting a colorful gown. You can opt for any color you like, such as a bold red or romantic pink. If that’s not enough, you can also spend time on your dress’ details and ensure you are in the limelight throughout the party.

Capture The Occasion

When it comes down to it, your wedding day is special and memorable because it’s a day you share with your partner. That’s why it’s important that you invest in wedding photographs and videos to remember the special day in the future.

After all, there are many moments other than the ceremonies you’d want to remember later. Hiring professional photographers is a great way to ensure that your wedding day is memorable for years to come!

 professional wedding photography

Make your big day memorable by getting in touch with our professional wedding photographers’ team at Sarani Weddings Studio.

We have some of the best professional photographer in Cancun for destination and Indian weddings. Moreover, we also offer leading wedding videography services.

Just contact us today to book an appointment!

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A Simple Guide to Wedding Cinematography Styles

destination wedding videography

Everyone wants to make their wedding day memorable. That’s why a wedding video is one of the best ways to help you reminisce about your big day.

Think about it, videos help you capture special moments you can re-live through them. In addition, videos also record the atmosphere and the emotions you feel that day.

In fact, a lot of couples regret not getting a wedding video the most.

It’s why we’ve rounded up wedding videography styles to help you make the right decision for your special day!

The Cinematic Movie

You’ve probably come across this term if you’ve been researching wedding videography styles.

The cinematic style is one of the most popular styles of wedding videos out there. That’s why most couples will likely hire cinematic cinematographers. The reason behind its popularity is that it focuses on story-telling with the main characters.

The cinematic style captures important parts but also small details. It also adds the right music and effects to give the shots a more cinematic mood. In fact, music also helps change the tone throughout the video.

One of the best parts of cinematic style is that it says something about the couple and their love instead of just their wedding day. So, even a stranger watching the video can feel like they know you.

Long Documentaries

Couples who want a longer-form video for their wedding day should pick long documentaries or feature films. That’s because it includes all of the speeches, the vows, and every other important part of your wedding in a chronological edit.

The video is stylized similarly to cinematic movies, except they use a more journalistic approach instead. In this way, these videos can include interviews with the couple and their loved ones.

These videos follow the events of your day with sections on getting ready, arriving at the venue, ceremony, reception, etc.

However, these videos can also vary a lot from each other. Some couples prefer a video with just raw footage, and others add music and effects.

The Highlight Film

This style is different from the rest as it’s shorter, and that’s why it’s also called a trailer. Typically, it’s a simple montage video with music that showcases an aesthetically-driven narrative of your wedding.

Most cinematographers already have a blueprint of what they’ll capture and what emotions they’re going to focus on before the wedding. Usually, these videos emphasize the vows more.

The Storytelling Style

This is another popular cinematography style that usually utilizes voiceover audio to tell the story of the couple and the wedding day. These videos also use music and text to emphasize the love story instead of just focusing on the aesthetics.

destination wedding videography

When it comes to wedding videography, always choose quality above everything else.

Here at Sarani Weddings Studio, we pride ourselves on making the best of your big day. We’re a photography and cinematography team based in Cancun, Mexico. Our talented videographers excel at capturing beautiful moments to make your day more special.

Give us a call today to book our services.

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