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Most Popular Couple Poses for an Indian Wedding

Are you all set for your Indian wedding but stressed about photography? Well, not anymore! Indian wedding photography can get confusing, especially when there are tons of romantic and trendy poses to follow. If you’re clueless about your wedding pose, we’re here to help.

Let’s explore some popular couple poses.

The Classic Sitting Pose

The classic sitting pose is nearly in every Indian wedding album. From the wedding albums back then to the albums today, brides and grooms can be seen practicing this pose in every Indian wedding.

In this pose, the bride and groom sit and choose their favorite pose while ensuring they’re sitting right next to each other. The couple could either look at the camera or right at each other. You could also hold your partner’s hand or make any romantic gesture that comes to your mind.

The Romantic Embrace

Think about all the times you’ve embraced the love of your life; they’re truly special, aren’t they? Well, this time, it’s even more special—it’s your big day! While shooting your Indian wedding, make sure you don’t miss the timeless romantic embrace. There’s no specific pose you need to follow when embracing your partner, you could go for a simple hug or a warm hug from behind, or whatever you like.

The Forehead to Forehead Pose

It’s impossible to forget about the forehead to forehead pose when discussing these popular poses. It’s an affectionate yet classic pose with the bride and groom standing with their foreheads connected. There’s a lot that can be done with this pose, for instance, you play around with lighting and effects to enhance it. If you’re feeling a bit too romantic, a ‘kiss on the forehead’ pose can be a lovely rendition too. Oh, but don’t forget to make this picture perfect with a beautiful smile.

The Classic Standing Pose

The Classic Standing Pose

This is yet another famous wedding pose. It’s a simple click for both the photographer and an easy pose for the couple; all they need to do is stand there talking to each other as the photographer captures the moment. Some tips that might add extra appeal to this graceful pose include holding hands, embracing each other, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, or just being themselves.

The Groom Lifts The Bride

The Groom Lifts The Bride

One might think this pose is a little mainstream and outdated, but that’s its essence. This must-have wedding pose remains unbeatable to this day, creating the perfect “Bollywood-style” wedding pose. Plus, this wedding pose can be a great source of some candid shots, capturing some rare couple moments. Not to forget, we’ve seen some of the most heartwarming expressions of couples during this pose.

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