Wedding Wire @ Sarani Weddings

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of this website I had to cut my two page review into a few paragraphs. But the entire review can be found on the best destination website and on Sarani’s FB page. Sarani’s price was a bit higher than most photographers I got quotes for, however if you have looked at her portfolio you will understand why and she was well worth it.
On my wedding day, I had five people total. They were very prompt and very professional. I really liked that they all wear a uniform which makes it easy to spot them. Throughout the entire wedding, I hardly noticed that they were there. The first thing we received was the sneak peak and it was beautiful! After the sneak peak, I believe we got all the wedding photos on a very neatly and beautifully packaged USB Drive. She really knows how to capture the day. By the way, those couples’ photos that you see in her portfolio, you know the ones…the ones that make you want to hire her; They all look like that in case you are wondering, ours were no exception and were just as gorgeous! After the photos were received we got the trailer for our wedding movie. I was especially nervous about this because I had seen 0 video footage up until this point. I was so happy with the trailer. Saranis team picked a perfect song for me and they highlighted the best parts of the movie. A few weeks later we then received the Video We did have some things we needed to edit but Sarani edited them no problem. Then it came time to work on the photo album, we ended up going with the most expensive option which turned out to be a huge book. I spent weeks narrowing down the photo selections which was very difficult but finally sent Sarani our selections. A few rounds of edits later, our beautiful album arrived in an equally beautiful case cover. Overall, we are super, super happy we choose Sarani. We get compliments constantly on how beautiful our wedding photos turned out. I am so glad that our wedding photos are so unique!