Wedding Wire @ Sarani Weddings

I am writing this review because Sarani (& her wonderful team) undoubtedly deserve the time that it takes to spread the word about just how wonderful she is! I promise she is so worth it!! I knew from the first time that I came across her work that I had to have her photograph my wedding because I had to have some of those amazing photos featuring my own wedding. She actually became a source of inspiration throughout the remainder of the planning process. And now that our wedding has come and gone, and recently getting to preview some of our photos, I will say without a doubt that I couldn’t have made a better decision. I have had nothing but the best experience with her from the beginning. And after finally meeting her in person & having had the pleasure of working with her the entire day, I sincerely felt as though she was an old friend. After the wedding I couldn’t help but rave about how great she was and that was before I even knew just how rewarding the end result would actually be – that being the opportunity to relive our wedding day from now till forever in the most extraordinary way, as she captured it perfectly in every way imaginable – & so much more! I cannot say enough about how awesome she is! Not only is she an incredible artist with an eye for creating those “wow!” & “awwe…” moments, she is genuinely there for you the entire time. She is a true professional who loves what she does! It becomes evident as to why her work is so amazing. Looking back it seems like our wedding day took forever to come and then only seconds to go by, which is another reason why I knew how important it was to choose the best to capture the memories. I have no doubt that I did just that. She gives you every piece of her heart and soul for the entire experience…with the utmost attention paid to every detail, especially the subtle ones that I didn’t even know existed until brought to life through her artistry. In all sincerity, she is truly the best!