Wedding Wire @ Sarani Weddings

I had really high hopes for Sarani photography but in then I did not feel like I got anything more than average pictures. My photographer and his assistant were the nicest people to work with and working with them before and after the wedding was painless. We even got our photos back a little earlier and they threw in several 8×10 prints plus a giant 12×18 print. However, in the end I was left wanting with the actual photos themselves. First, there wasn’t a single photo from our ceremony that included myself and my husband’s faces together at anything closer than about 20 feet away or without something blocking some of the frame. You either see his face and the back of my head or vice versa or you can see us both but only from the beginning of the aisle or off to the side or you can see us but the officiant is taking up half the frame. We had only maybe one picture where we weren’t mid-sentence either. The after ceremony shots were better but a lot were taken from just too far away and we just got lost in the pictures.
The second source of disappointment was in their lack of knowledge of the resort. I picked them as they were a recommended vendor from my resort. However when we started the after ceremony pictures, my photographer asked “where do you want to go? I’ve never been to this resort.” We were really surprised that they would send someone who has never lead a shoot at our resort before. We really had no idea what the best spots to go were. And we were not given much in the way of directions on how to pose. At one point, he just told us “just dance or walk or do whatever you want.” Huh? Considering they cost just as much as a US photographer, I would have expected to have a better experienced photographer who took better shots and knew our resort.