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The Best Indian Wedding Photography Trends

Are you planning a big fat Indian wedding? Are you getting a little overwhelmed by the ongoing wedding photography trends? Well, don’t be! This is your call to jump on this bandwagon.

At Sarani Weddings Studio, we want all our clients to have the wedding of their dreams, which is why we’ve compiled some of the best Indian photography wedding trends for you.

Color Me


Indian weddings are rich in color and culture, making them incredibly unique. A top Indian wedding photography trend is capturing every hue and shade flawlessly. Every color in your wedding symbolizes an element of your big day, reflecting nothing but happiness. To capture this impeccably, there’s been a rapid spike in flash photography practices that amp up the colors vividly.

Camera presets can be used for wedding photographs in the same way filters are used on Instagram photos to enhance colors. Work with your photographer to see what kind of preset options they offer. You could also toss in some of your ideas from photographs you’ve seen online.

The Future is Drone

Drone photography is one of the latest wedding photography trends but has gained rapid popularity, especially in Indian weddings. Indian weddings are known for their extravagance; they go all out, which means there’s going to be a huge crowd. In such circumstances, capturing every moment can get challenging.

That’s where a drone comes in! By including drone photography in your wedding, you’ll ensure all your family, friends, and other loved ones are part of your wedding photographs. This way, you won’t have to stress about your photographs not having all your dear ones. In addition, this photography trend is perfect to capture the essence of true Indian weddings.

Capture the Lovely Moments


This is one Indian photography trend that will never go out of style. Whether you’re having a big fat wedding or an intimate one, the right photography service will capture the unconditional love you and your partner share.

When ticking off some of the hottest wedding photography trends, don’t forget to give this one a shot. Whether you’re holding hands or wrapped in an intimate embrace, your photographer will capture the love you two share.

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