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Tips To Get Beautiful Fall Wedding Photos

Fall is a fabulous time to plan a wedding. It’s also a favorite season among wedding photographers. Professional photographers creatively use the surroundings to make your wedding photos look as dreamy as the wedding feels.

At Sarani Weddings, we’re a team of highly trained wedding photographers in Cancun. Everyone here is excited to work on wedding photographs and videos this fall. Here are some tips to make your wedding photos look even more beautiful from our professionals.


Make a Photography Schedule

You only have a limited amount of sunlight for a limited time in the fall. Schedule your events and photography sessions with this in mind. You can also plan a schedule with your photographer to take photos at different times during the day. Taking photos in different lighting conditions can add a lot of variety.

Use The Landscape To Your Advantage

There’s no background better than nature. Work with your photographer to take wedding pictures with different natural backgrounds. Professionals at Sarani Weddings are trained in nature and wedding photography. Check out our extensive gallery for inspiration on using landscape in wedding photos.

Combine Natural Lighting With Artificial Lighting 

Natural lighting makes photos look more realistic. However, in wedding photography, you’re going for fantasy and romanticism rather than realism. It can be difficult to make the happy couple the subject of your photograph if the background is too bright. Don’t shy away from using artificial lights strategically in our outdoor photos.

Take Photos During The Golden Hour

Sunlight is warmer and redder for about an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise. This is because the atmosphere scatters shorter wavelengths better than longer wavelengths. When the sun is lower, sunlight must pass through a thicker atmosphere, eliminating blue light and only leaving redder colors.

Photographers call this time the golden hour. Photographs taken during the golden hour look stunning. Remember to take at least a few pictures during the golden hour.

A wedding photograph taken during the golden hour

Crank Up The Saturation

High saturation isn’t always preferred in photography. Some art photographs look better with low saturation if you’re in a negative mood. Good thing you’re photographing a wedding and not a haunted house show.

Don’t shy away from increasing your saturation. This tip is particularly useful in the fall. High saturation can add more color to your backgrounds and make your photographs more lively.

Hire A Wedding Photographer in Cancun 

At Sarani Weddings, we offer professional wedding photography and videography services in Cancun. We’ve covered countless weddings with different styles and themes. We’re also experienced in South Asian and Indian wedding photography.

Want your fall wedding photos to come out beautifully? Get in touch now!