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What is Included in a Wedding Photography Package?

Gone are days when a few shots and a full-length video were enough to capture the wedding. Everything has changed, and so has wedding photography. Couples don’t like traditional photos anymore; they want something unique, innovative, and mesmerizing for their wedding. They are always looking for photographers who can take majestic shots, do jaw-dropping edits, and capture all emotions.

We always consider our client’s preferences by listening to their requirements. Candid photography might be the best hit for weddings, but it’s not all we have in our arsenal. We offer a wide range of wedding packages, so our clients can get something within their budget.

In case you’re looking for the best wedding photographer in Cancun, then we’re here to help you. Here’s what is mostly included in our wedding packages.

Unlimited Shots

No matter which package you choose, we will provide unlimited photos, but not all of them will be edited. We will work with you to choose the best photographers close to your heart and edit them for you.

You can choose a series of photos to be included in your album so that we can edit them according to your preference and style. We can also put some dramatic filters in a few shots to make them look amazing!

Drone Shoot

It’s not included in all our packages, but you can add drone videos and pictures by paying a little more. It’s an excellent piece of equipment to capture destination weddings. If you’re ready to experiment a little, then drone shots will leave you stunned!

Highlights & Videos

A bride smiling on her big day

Videos are full-length, while highlights are only 1-2 minute long videos. We braid all special couple moments into a video to tell a story within 1-2 minutes. Highlights are great if you just want a romantic love story depicted in a short time. You can also get a long video where the entire event is covered!

Engagement Shoot

Many couples also like to document this special moment, so they hire us for the engagement shoot. You can also include an engagement shoot in the wedding package to capture this special moment as well.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Lastly, a lot of couples now prefer to have a pre-wedding shoot. They wear their wedding dresses and call all their family members to get the shoot done. The wedding day is hectic, and often couples fail to pose for the camera with so many people around. A pre-wedding shoot saves their time and allows them to take as many photos as they like.

Need Someone for an Indian Wedding Photography in Cancun?

Don’t miss out on anything from your wedding day. We can make a customized package for you that will include photos, videos, and everything else to document your special day. If you need the best wedding photographer in Cancun, then we’re here to help you.

You can call us to discuss your vision for the wedding day. Also, check the gallery on our website to check our work before hiring us!